Monday, February 23, 2015

Nobody else could ever hold it down like you.

Let's talk about role models.

But let's look at a different side of it. More like someone you can identify with, and has similar traits to you that make you feel a strange connection to them (whether you know them or not).

So think about everyone in your life (specifically the ones you are similar to), as well as any man or woman who you may look up to and aspire to one day be as captivating or motivating or exciting as they are. Who is your role model, or who are your role models?

If you still can't really think of anyone, begin with your traits. Ask a friend, and really think about what it is that makes you, well, you. Tell me, what are your traits?

Okay never mind, we'll talk about my traits first. I know I'm sarcastic, I've heard I'm funny, I love singing (and have been told I'm good at it), I'm a loyal friend, I'm relatively upbeat, and I'm cute (personal opinion really, agree or disagree, I know you're wrong :)). I have many other traits, but we'll start with the easy ones.

So I identify with three women. First one (and it will NEVER change) is my mother. I didn't realize until lately (which sucks I waited so long) that my mother is actually always there to listen to me and my crazy problems, and without just giving advice, she also, being a mother, welcomes my problems with warm, loving arms. I hope to one day be as loving and accepting of a mother as she is.

My two other role models are not related to me, and I've never met them, but I definitely identify with them.

Meghan Trainor. When I first heard her hit All About That Bass, I was hooked. And I'm sure most of you were too. Granted, I may have overplayed it and now, though I still get into it, it's less exciting when I hear it. But the meaning behind the song, and the damn empowerment I get listening to it, makes up for any overplaying I've done.
Meghan, though she is only 21 years old, understands the trials and tribulations that every young women goes through, and in her music, she tells us that no matter what, we are perfect. She's bubbly (I mean just listen to her music), we share musical talent (though her vocal skills put mine to shame), and we share a sort of confident femininity about ourselves that can not (and will not) be messed with. And I'm pretty sure she likes pink, and I know I sure do.

Last woman I look up to, is a YouTube sensation. Host of You Deserve A Drink, and a hilarious comedienne... None other than Mamrie Hart. This woman, I believe, is my soul mate. Or my "spirit animal", as some might say. Her quick wit, and killer puns make her one of the funniest women I've seen and heard. Just see for your damn self! <--Harry Potter's Flaming Butterbeer. Just watch it. Seriously.

And I'm sorry, let me take a second to just promote Mamrie Hart. If you watch YouTubers a lot, you'll most likely have heard of Mamrie's friends Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart... the list is endless, and they all appear on her show at least once. (She's also had Jamie Oliver on her show... I love him.) Not only does she host You Deserve A Drink, she also writes (having co-written an independent film called Camp Takota. Do check it out), acts, and does comedy tours with her hilarious friends Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart.

Okay that's enough. Just check her out, cause she's awesome. I definitely get a lot of my humor just from watching her. I can thank her for most of my hilarity. She's still one million times funnier than me, and I look up to not only how funny she is, but how she is chasing her dreams, and succeeding in everything I've seen her do. She leads a life with which she's happy, and what girl doesn't want to look up to someone who does that?

Do I, or do I not have pretty awesome role models to look up to? These women motivate me to be a better person, whether it's just for me, or whether it's for the benefit of other people's happiness.

So really think about it; who are your role models? Who inspires you to become a better person, and also makes you feel empowered? And why?

(HEY. YOU. YEAH I MEAN YOU. If you're reading this, and like it, and haven't told your friends about it... WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT? Go on. Tell them how great my blog is. I'll wait.)

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  1. My sister because she has the toughest job on earth - single mom :)