Saturday, February 14, 2015

If you freaky, then own it.

So today is St. Valentine's Day.
Now that I've acknowledged it, it's time to move on.

Oh wait, I was going to talk about the Valentine's cards I got. Shoot.

Anyway, have any of you ever been ashamed or embarrassed about something you like? Or called it a guilty pleasure so that you didn't feel alone when you talked to someone else about it? Trust me. I'm definitely the epitome of that. I have had my fair share of favorite TV shows, bands, artists, what have you, that I felt embarrassed about in the past. Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Lizzie McGuire, McFLY, Busted... the list goes on.

I know what some of you are thinking, "Why diss Lizzie McGuire? That's a Disney channel classic!" But at the time, how many people obsessed over it? I talked to maybe one friend about it, which is why it was a guilty pleasure.

Back then, in my teen years (and really, anyone can relate to this), I did everything I could to fit in, and if that meant not talking about things that weren't considered 'cool', then I definitely didn't talk about any of my guilty pleasures.

But nowadays? I let my freak flag fly. I don't care who knows that I'm obsessed with, yes, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen, One Direction.

Truth be known, I'm not crazy obsessed; I can't justify spending $80+ on a concert ticket (but that's because I could use that money for bills... sucks being an adult...), and I don't keep up on the latest news about them, but I definitely can't get through a car ride without listening to at LEAST ONE song of theirs.

I'll tell you what, I also don't care if anyone hears it, or hears me sing The Best Song Ever at the top of my lungs. I'll tell you why, because once I started realizing that my favorite things were really just for me, and I stopped caring what everyone says. People definitely make fun of me for this obsession, but instead of feeling ashamed, I brush it off and listen to more One Direction. Because who cares what I like? Only I should.

So let YOUR freak flag fly, guys. You like something no one else does? Flaunt that. Don't let anyone else get you down about the things that you love. It makes you who you are, and you are one in seven billion.

Don't be ashamed, guys. I'm not, and I used to get embarrassed by almost everything. Now...
Yes, those ARE One Direction trading cards, given to me as a gift by a close friend of mine. And...
Yes, THOSE are One Direction Valentines. With stickers.

See how I'm now flaunting the fact that I am a 25 year old woman with a healthy obsession with a band that gets ridiculed by almost everyone around me? Because I don't care what people think anymore; judge all you want, it won't make me love them any less.

Moral of this story is: don't stop loving something just because it gets ridiculed. Keep your 'guilty pleasure' in your life, and damnit, be proud of it!

So happy Valentine's Day you beautiful freaks! :D
ps. if you're wondering, Harry Styles.

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